DJ URBAN O lives in a small city with a population about 50.000
next to the country border to the netherlands.
In his childhood DJ URBAN O always listened to the newest hip-hop & rnb tracks
produced in the big metropoles of the world.
He loved this vibe so much, that he shared it with his friends
and soon everybody of them listened to that type of music.
In 2012 DJ URBAN O started his career with a couple of cheap turntables and a mixer.
He worked on his first scratching & mixing skills.
In 2013 DJ URBAN O played his first club gigs at a party of a friend in his hometown.
The crowd loved the style & mix of his music.
This feedback was the impulse to do more!
He saw his vision in front of his eyes: the combination of playing music, travel and get to know other cultures and people all over the world. That’s what he’s working on everyday since then.
After beeing a resident in a club of his hometown and several local parties,
DJ URBAN O got the attention from a headhunter from the netherlands.
He signed the contract and played half a year for different clubs in the neighboorhood.
His first step out of his hometown were done!
But there was one big difference: he had to play housemusic, which wasn’t his favourite music,
but he invented a way to make it more comfortable for him.
He played house/rnb remixes all night long,
which was a complete new style for this area of the netherlands.
He made his name there!
Back in germany DJ URBAN O got in touch with many party organizers.
They booked him for different parties in NRW/Germany.
In 2015 DJ URBAN O started to produce trackpacks for dj’s with extedend mixes.
Other national and international DJ’s downloaded these packs
and a few weeks later international celebrity organizier started to book him.
In this year DJ URBAN O played his first time in vienna, austria and manchester, england
and also the capital city of germany, berlin. That’s what he worked for.
In 2016 DJ URBAN O got the attention from a tunisian DJ, who booked him in his country.
Since mid 2016 DJ URBAN O plays regularly in cites like berlin and vienna. His first remix „Good Kisser“ from Usher was listended and downloaded by a couple of thousand people!
Right now, DJ URBAN O is famous for his extended mix packs, his mixtape series
and as official radio DJ of, the number one online-radio station for hip-hop music in germany. He works everyday on his mixing and producing skills.
His future plan is to conquer more cities, more parties, get to know more cultures
and people and share the love of music all over the world!


Germany 🇩🇪

Maxxim Club, Berlin
2BE Club, Berlin
Adlib, Frankfurt
Prater, Bochum
Königsburg, Krefeld
Diamonds Club, Cologne
e-Dry Discothek, Geldern
Worldcenter, Cleve
Tanzhaus, Cleve
Rhino’s Club, Cleve
eXcited, Goch

Netherlands 🇳🇱

Drie Gezusters, Nijmegen
5th Avenue, Arnhem
Aspen Valley, Enschede
Wampie, Arnhem

Austria 🇦🇹

Pallfy Club, Vienna
Club Auslage, Vienna
Sansibar Beachclub, Vienna
NOX Bar/Club, Vienna
Säulenhalle, Vienna
Ramien Bar, Vienna

Great Britain